What it does

GrowlerID detects incoming calls to your Obihai device. Once an incoming call is detected, GrowlerID retrieves the caller name from white page listings or your Google Contacts. Once the caller name is found, GrowlerID then retrieves a photo of the caller from your Google Contacts or Facebook account.

After the caller information has been determined, GrowlerID can show the information or send it over your home network so that any computer and most devices in your home are notified of the incoming caller.


Do I need to set my Obihai device to have a static IP?

Yes. At this time, GrowlerID only supports Obihai devices which are configured with a static IP address. For instructions on how to configure your device to use a static IP, visit the Obihai FAQ and follow steps 1 & 2 from the instructions.

How does GrowlerID notify my home computers of an incoming call?

You may have guessed by the name, but GrowlerID uses the very popular Growl notification system to allow any computer or device with an available Growl implementation to receive incoming call notifications.

Is GrowlerID available for the Mac?

No. GrowlerID is only available for Windows. You do have the option of using a Windows (gasp) machine to run GrowlerID and Growl for Windows and then have your Mac machine subscribe to notifications from the Windows machine using Growl for Mac OS X.

So how do I configure Growl to notify all my computers of incoming calls?

To get started, you probably want to setup Growl and GrowlerID on the same computer (we'll refer to it as the "server" machine). This computer must be powered on with Growl and GrowlerID running in order for other computers to receive incoming call notifications through Growl.

Once you have Growl and GrowlerID installed on the server, you'll need to configure them.

First, to configure Growl, right-click on the orange claw icon in the system tray and select "Open Growl". Click the "Network" icon at the top and check "Forward notifications to other computers". Then, click the "Security" icon at the top and check "Allow network notifications". Optionally, you can set a password for the computers that subscribe to Growl notifications, but it's not required. You can now close the Growl window. Finally, right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties". Make a note of the computer name as it will be needed later.

Now, you need to configure GrowlerID. For that, right-click on the GrowlerID icon (looks like a business card) in the system tray and click "Configuration Wizard". The configuration wizard will allow you to set up the Facebook and Google accounts that you want GrowlerID to search for photos and names when an incoming call occurs. During the configuration wizard, make sure you select the option to use Growl notifications. Once you've completed the configuration wizard, your server machine is setup.

To configure the machines that are going to receive the incoming call notifications (we'll refer to them as "client" machines), install the Growl software on each desired machine. Once installed, right-click on the orange claw icon in the system tray and select "Open Growl". Click the "Network" icon at the top and check "Subscribe to notifications from other computers". Then, click the green "+" icon at the bottom and select the "Subscribe to Growl notifications on another machine" option. Enter the server name that we found earlier as the name and hostname. If you opted to have the server require a password, enter it here. Click the "Save" button. Repeat the steps for setting up a client machine for any other computers you want to be notified of incoming calls through Growl.

This is all way too complicated. I just want to know when someone is calling.

Understandably, setting up Growl can be confusing, but don't fret. If you're looking for a simple, straightforward installation, just install the GrowlerID software on any computer where you want to be notified of incoming calls. Once installed, right click the GrowlerID icon in the system tray and click "Configuration Wizard". Follow the steps to add the Facebook and Google accounts you want to use for finding the names and numbers of callers. Once you complete the configuration wizard, you're ready to go.

I'm having problems. Can you help?

As long as they're related to Riotous Labs or the software developed, sure. You can either contact us directly or head over to the support forums.